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NEZNAYKA, stallion, 1995

Color: black
Breed: Russian Riding
Breeder: Starozhilovsky stud
Size: 165-198-20
Class: «Elite-1»
Line: Bespechny
Family: Zorya

Several years was in England, where he performed in the dressage class "S". Winner of several competition.
Has descendants in England from the Irish mare, which is in demand at auctions.
In 2003 received the title of "Horse of the Year" given to him by the magazine "Horse & Hound".
Breed Champion 2004 in Russia.
VIDEO september 2012
VIDEO in training 2010

18 Nenaglyadny,
black, 1984, Rus Riding
16 Nabeg,
1968, Rus Riding
(2) Bespechny,
1953, Ukr Riding
Buket, Orl.-Rost.
(208) Plastik, трк.
1960, cross.
(2397) Gugenot, xx
Nona, Hungр.
47 Grust,
1967, Rus Riding
(16) Escort,
1962, Ukr Riding
(2) Bespechny, Ukr Riding
(567) Elba, Ukr Riding
(61) Gvozdika,
1951, Ukr Riding
Globus, Rus Riding
Copia, Hung.
59 Zagonka,
bay, 1988, Rus Riding
4 Gambit,
1978, Rus Riding
(53) Izgon,
1972, Ukr Riding
(3016) Gunib, xx
(82) Izobilnaya, Ukr Riding
(335) Gazel,
1972, Ukr Riding
(3152) Elephant, xx
(67) Grebenka, Ukr Riding
60 Zorya,
1983, Rus Riding
20 Razbor,
1972, Rus Riding
(2) Bespechny, Ukr Riding
(146) Raguza, Ukr Riding
Arpad, Hung.
Zvezdochka, Hung.

Inbreeding: Bespechny III,IV-IV,V,V, Gvozdika III-V,VI, Nona IV-V, Gugenot IV-VI

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