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Breeding farm «Olimpia» was founded in 2010.

Our goal: to return to its former glory and continue the development and improvement of the wonderful native breed - the Russian Riding horse.

Despite his young age, we have been able to gather in our farm, the most valuable stock of Russian Riding breed, complete with the mother of the truly best mares. Today in our farm contains 16 brood mares, carefully selected by type, color, measurements, conformation, quality of movement and character. This daughter of the most successful rock stallions of the lines Bespechny, Absent, Montcontour, Priboy etc. All of our mares are classified as «Elite».

We came up with a great responsibility not only to the formation of royal stock, the same stringent requirements we impose to stallions. All our stallions have been peer review, following which they were classified as «Elite» and recommended for cultivation in the Russian Riding breed. In our part of six stallions: Arion, Neznayka, Pamir, Briz, Kair and Ratmir. Our stallions are not only beautiful in appearance, they have excellent quality and high upland sporting potential. Currently, our stallions are in training at the dressage master of international class, and preparing for performances in competitions in dressage. In addition, the breeding season in 2011, we plan to use artificial insemination with Barin's semen some of our mares. Balck stallion Barin one of the most successful stallions of Russian Riding breed, both in breeding and in sport.

Selection and breeding in our farm will be in the direction of obtaining competition horses Orlov-Rostopchin type, mainly for use in dressage: a rather large, exterior, with a strong constitution, sweet temper and quality movements.

Achieving our goals will contribute to ensuring stallions, mares and the young horses all the necessary conditions for full content, cultivation and training. All our young horses aged 2-3 years will come in regular training and be tested sporting qualities, and at the end - comprehensive peer review.

We are confident that the combination of literate purposeful selection, use only the best breeding material and favorable external conditions, will necessarily lead to the success of our horses and will help advance Russian Riding breed of horse to a new quality level.

Sincerely, Director of Olimpia farm
Sergei Zaitsev

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